Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I would like today:

More humour.
More craziness.
More laughter.


Well I have already done all that.

Since I have completed my days request as a smooth 11:11 in the am, what do I have left ...?

Well there is that laundry detergent that I forgot to buy ...
There are the pansies and kale, and bulbs that I am most excited to plant.
I have to continue to empty pots .. which really does excite me!
Of course there are the blue sky colours to catch, along with the vibrant fall colours mixed among it.
AND .. because I am daring I am throwing together a pot of soup. AND because I am even more daring ... I don't even cut up the vegetable .. I just wash, chop the ends and throw in a pot. Sounds strange. Of course it is .. but that is how I roll folks. Must get that done by 11:30 .... it's 11:14. For no other reason that I have to get outside and enjoy this most


OH .. and wash my car that I just spent 13 bucks at cleaning .. clearly I am not good at the car wash place either.

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Royn-Ber Wendjaifa said...

So much to do...so little time to do it.