Monday, October 03, 2011

Someday itsa Monday.

AND that day is TODAY!

I like my Mondays, I really do.
It's the end of my working week.
I like the people that I work with.
I like the people that I get to see.
I like everything about a Monday.
It fills me full of glee.

In other things adventuresome:

Going to collect the mother tomorrow.
She has been visiting my aunt.
I am sure my aunt had to go buy a freezer just to keep all the stuff that they baked.
I am sure of it!
We will adventure off at 0600 in the morning again.
The weather I think will be the CRAPS .. and it's my turn to drive through the crap weather and crap location! (Past Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope ... not a great drive in the blackness, wind and rain) ...

BUT then ... when we get to Kamloops we will be meeting up with a friend for coffee. How cool is that ... three times the charm. I put some pics up on the page ... and our longtime friend says ... what the heck .. you guys are driving through .. and you are not stopping in to see me!? So tomorrow we will!

In other things ...

Saw a friend last week ... it was good to see her ... in fact great to see her ... got to go to a fundraiser ..... nice to see a whole whack of people out to support someone that needs some help ... thatsa  good feeling.

In other things far more boring but mind boggling ... I need some help in the education department, and navigating through it. Or not. I would prefer THE "or not" ideal, however I'm not sure that is the best way to proceed. My brain is telling me to go with the "or not" situation, but something is propelling me to act on my instinct. I'm confused, but this isn't the first time.

My daylight hours for the bears are running slim. Will have to conquer at least ONE good picture before they head off to bed ... that is my next goal. .. Well, that and get my memory card back ....

I'm off ...

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