Monday, September 05, 2011

Life from the back seat ..

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Chaos is my Life said...

Oh an RV trip!!?!?!? Best thing we've done!...did you have fun?

Deanna said...

I loved it. I wish we had more time and more money to extend our trip into two weeks. Although ... unlike YOU ... ROD did all the driving. I just got to be the passenger!

I would like to do it again ... this time I would just rent a truck and camper, that way we could split the driving. I think I could drive a truck for a while, or at least get used to it. Although the Mazda5 is a bit big for me some days!

Actually I am really wishing to go on more amazing trips .. but I think I would have to go on my own .. although I think Rod might want to come ... you know .. to a grizzly bear sanctuary.

Well .. I want to go to Jasper now as well.. we only went to Banff .. but it was still great to finally leave BC, and see what our neighbours had to share.

Loved seeing the sights ... I am regretting not having enough kilometers to get to Canmore, and Engadine. I would have liked to travel into the states for a bit too, just to get a visit of some American terrain!

The Jimmy didn't come with us. Yes, we left the 16 1/2 year old at home ... ALONE! Although he was never home .. he was at work, or he was recording that amazing little CD that I am in possession of.

Actually this summer has been quite bizarre in the sense that over the course of an 8 week period people have grown beyond belief ... as in spread their wings and have made huge gains in their lives.

I have to say this has been the summer of BIG change.

Chaos is my Life said...

Next time...we'll do a "Thelma and Louise"!