Monday, August 29, 2011

This is ...

Fussy's country club.

I am not sure how many 14 year old girls would go off treking into the big high mountains, minus all things that make us ever so comfortable in life .. and still wear a smile. AND this girl does! She loved it. The husbandman went four wheeling with his jeep club .. somewhere into the mountains, and this girl was up for any and all kinds of adventure. This misadventure is MISS Adventure at her finest. Her only complaint ... she ran out of macrame twine, while they were stuck on the side of the road when they broke down. (The now VERY MYSTERIOUS end result of the breakdown was actually caused by water in the husbandmans gas tank, which he tracked back to the last place he got gas, up until that point the BELOVED jeep had run to perfection).

Ha! too bad the wife doesn't!

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