Monday, August 29, 2011

Absolutely the weirdest

Feeling in the world.

The other night I had to drive (as usual, not complaining, happy to do it, pretty much, I'm thinking) the boy and his people.

This is where it gets weird.

We are flying down the freeway ... well, me and the three youngish characters .. in the grandious indigo blue mazda 5 ... everybody is silent, with the exception of the CD that was blaring out through the speakers, at volume set at none other than the highest number possible.

The sounds that were penetrating the eardrums, was the incredible collaboration of the three young characters that were sitting in the mazda 5.

It was a surreal experience.

Not only are these young characters just three hard working guys ... they are incredibly talented musicians .. so much so that they have just finished recording their CD. The oldest is 18... soon to be 19, but not for a number of months away.

What floors me in the most extreme is the very fact that I can not wrap my head around how they were able to pull off this CD without someone having any input into their music, except them.

I am of course biased .. I am the mother of one of the musicians, so therefore I should like the music. Not entirely. If I didn't think the music was pleasing to my ear .. I certainly would not listen to it, I know I would have a hard time encouraging my "elton john boy" to rock the death metal ... which this music isn't.

AS a parent I am intensely apprehensive to watch and see what happens next, if anything. I am apprehensive to see my boy get caught up in a life that may only be as good as recording this music will get. I am fearful that this may be the un-doing of all my doing.

In the meantime, you would never know that the group of characters sitting in my car the other night had the almighty power of creating some very powerful music ... something that resonates in your brain, long after the music is over. Strange.

It's all so bizarre.

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