Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time to take Jimmy

to vocal lessons.

OK people .. ONE freaking day I am going to videotape him, or just use my iphone ... you have got to hear this crazy bird bust out his songs ... my hair stands on end when he does the whole Neil Diamond thing ... and now that he is singing Elton John ( that duet with M&M) .. it is all mighty cool in these parts. Oh yes it is.

AND .. in things otherwise spectacular ... the lady PIPSTER is working her way ito a fine young lady .... my little artistic wonder!

The husband .. well he is all good, cause he finds battery chargers and all, and settle my frazzled yet wonderfully coloured hair.

Well .. must fetch my agnry birds and go sit in the dark for 30 minutes.... and wait for the Jimmy ... cause I am really good at that kind of stuff.


One more thing .

Now that it is March .. the grass has had confirmation that it can start to grow. Poor grass... little does it know that I am going to beat the LIVING SHIT out of it this year. Except that the SHIT wont be SHIt because we no longer own a dog .... but the little mole that lives beneath the moss piles ... well they are surely to squirm with the heavy hand that is about to be set upon them.


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