Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more-on the carnival..

One would think with the little boring life that I lead, that it may just be acutely mundane with a glint spark thrown in to keep the eyelids popping.

I have more things popping than my current bag of popcorn, or thankfully NOT the button on my shorts.

ONE thing that is very funny would be this...

Last week the Pipenzadoll and myself went to the PNE. It was good,... but HOT... which I planned for... but still... it was HOT. Funnily enough... as we walked through the gates I stared at a beautiful young lady... and thought to myself... she looks just like Jessica.... but the name tag says Veronica.... it can't be her.... BECAUSE it just can't be... talk about people looking like other people in life.  I saw her at work on the weekend... and I proceeded to tell her that she has a look alike in the city, with the name of Veronica... ... the beautiful young woman WAS the same person... she had misplaced her nametag that day.

IN other things that will now right you back into your seats:

Lots of bear sightings... but not by my camera lens.
I rummaged up the courage to ask for a favour from a friend... much to my procured happiness!
Realized that I still have 48 hours worth of vacation to take. How does someone manage to NOT organize that many hours...?
JimmyDean's NEW "do" is ever so suiting of him... much to my angst. I like the coiffed JimmyDean... AND yet... he looks good with his attempts at Beatleness.
I realized that the Pipenzadolls hair is incredibly LONG... but that's ok... it's blond-ISH.
Husbandman is VERY grey, and I continue to be FAKE brown. Of course I will go with a piece of advice that somone offered up .... "colour till the grave Deanna, colour till the grave....." I have a feeling that I might just do that.

AND... because I just need to add this... so uhm.. ya.. raising children IS NOT EASY. It can change by the minute, and has a new challenge every hour... even when you do not realize it's a challenge.. it just is.

OH.. and it's expensive. I thought that things were expensive when me and the KING were starting out with our little "bobe-de-doe" ... but now ... YIKES.

ALSO.... somedays I just feel TRAUMATIZED by being a mother... level headed vs knee jerk. AS we all know.. there is no book of "the best of..."

WHICH is why I .... "will colour to the grave Deanna... colour to the grave...."

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