Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy BC Day.

What a lovely cool morning.

How LAZY am I for not falling out of bed and going to do my thing...?


The guilt will kick in later... when it's closing in on the end of the day... and I am still unexercised... or something like that..


Instead.. I am drinking coffee, and reading a book, and tumbling laundry.

AND cleaning out a cupboard.

Wow, I am spectacular.

Almost award winning I am thinking.

There is one thing that I need to clean out... and that is the BIG pickle jar that is holding a large portion of the top part of our fridge ransom... that PICKLE jar needs to go, and so does the perfect slice of pickle inside of it. It's high on the list of MUST DO's today.. being a STAT holiday and all.

BUT.. back to book reading... because that is a good thing. For TODAY at least.

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