Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Mega Story:

It was a real long story ... so long, so so long .. that I think I would rather just forget it. That's a lot of time to not be accounted for.

Let's go back a day, week, month or 4 ago.

I have never in my life lived through this amount of insidious unstoppable pain as I have these past number of months.

September was iffy, but manageable.
October was getting bad.
November was feeling very miserable.
Not even two weeks into December life turned horrific. The rest of the month was a blur of true full blown agony. And then .. along came IV antibiotics..... and whala ... eventually this happened: 
January was feeling a lot better.
February was truly starting to feel better.
March has roared in as it should, in a lovely feeling better fashion.

Enough said about that .. FIVE freaking months later.

Here is our BO BO ... well here is our little favourite ANGUS ... but I have renamed him Bo Bo ... and the family has followed suit in calling him that. He's just a super sonic character  !

Here are the fellows being the music boys that they are .. except the drummer will be being replaced .. the second from the left .. he is an excellent drummer .. but now must make way for being an excellent dad!


And now .. must make some way for some big thoughts to start happening here ... 

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