Friday, March 28, 2014

The cuteness in the kitchen

All this guy has to do is just sit around. With his handsomely good looks, it just makes my heart melt. I mean look at his feeties, and his favourite ball, and the way he just sits and wait for someone to give him something. Well, currently there was the issue of cheese flavoured popcorn on the counter which he was truly admiring .. but all the same ... he's just funny.

One wouldn't believe that he spends a greater part of his time talking with you, telling you his stories of whoa, and how the family will not play ball with him outside. I spend a lot of time reasoning with him, which is more me just letting go of hot air. He dearly wishes to play ball, however the situation is one that he will not relinguish his ball to let you play with it. So his hopes fade quickly when we emerge into the great outdoors, and he skittishly flails about and crunches on his ball. If we dare to enter to the homeland, without a throw attempt even made for this guy .. he runs up all two of the back steps and baby boy barks feverishly and then generally punches the back door because we are leaving his presence. Again, the reasoning happens. He's coming up 2 in a couple of weeks, clearly my reasoning hasn't gotten through yet.

In other things semi noteworthy of the day:

I realized that I truly can't stand editing photos, it's time consuming, PLUS annoying when you edit to your hearts conent, and then move the photos to a new memory card, of which there are hidden files, so the move attempt is aborted .. along with the THREE hours worth of edits.

Her straightish hair turns curly again !

The day is an early one ... I have been awake since 4:30, and up at 5. I have watched the sunrise streaked sky come and go, and the greyness of this spring morning has set in. I am thankful for the morning birds that are reminding me of their presence. I like morning birds, as annoying as their constant chirps are, it does remind one that one is still here and present in this world and in a space where nature exists.

I think I am going to haul the husbands computer to my favourite chair, and start my New York photo edits over again ... this will be a chore .. but if I can remain comfortable, and not sitting upright on a bar stool (albeit a padded one), then perhaps my success rate will increase. Or perhaps I should just run with alcohol firing my engine ... now that could be some pretty imaginative editing happening here.

Well ... I am off .. hopefully to do more than stare at this cute guy pictured above!

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Welcome back!!!