Friday, October 11, 2013

Thank you ...gawd!

So of all the greatest of things that happened in the past number of weeks, months and years gone past, yesterday came crushing in around me, and unveiled itself in the most unlikely of places.

Thank you Heather, and your 90+ years.

I met Heather for all of 15 minutes yesterday, and will never see her again, nor will she remember me. She will pass on from this life never knowing that the meeting with her yesterday was the most AHA moment that I have had in probably the last .. I don't know 15 years or so.

I fervently believe everything has a purpose, as difficult and tragic as some of the things that go on life are, there's just reasons ... I almost wonder if it's the actual universe balancing itself out. (Not crazy here, just an observation).

Anyways ... AS odd as it seems to be ... I think there has been a great protector hovering over me all these years .... keeping me safe from the very job that I was educated and trained to do.

Yesterday Heather called out for help ... and the care staff just walked past and ignored her, and claimed that "she's always like that" ... well for good reason ... something was clearly bothering her. My friend and I sorted Heather out, and walked her back to her room, where she was pleased for 3 minutes of time that we took to simply "attend" to her.

It was that simple.

It was at that moment that it really did come to me ... some higher power has saved me from becoming one of "them". I don't really know who "they" are, but there was certainly an abundance of them yesterday where I happened to visit for 30 minutes.

When I am busily being thankful this weekend, I will give thanks for the greater being that has steered me in many directions, except for the direction that I had hoped to go ... and yet I am already partway there. Believe that.

I will give thanks for the crossing of paths of people that I have been so fortunate to come across. It's for all these reasons that I give thanks to where I am at today, and what direction I am heading in, and what direction my children are heading in.

The boy is busily playing with his band up in Prince George at 3 schools .... encouraging the message of "you can do this" ... it just requires work and dedication to your craft, and just working towards the dream.

The girl will be busily doing her stuff after school that keeps her occupied with the school, on top of finding a cool little job that works her fingertips and her mind with all her social media expertise.

All of this is happening because of the good fortune and the crossing of paths that have happened many years before today.

Again .. good gawd ... I give thanks.

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Anonymous said...

You know I believe in something more....and tough as it has illness and my all result of God trying to tell us something...and we're listening....