Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Happy October folks!

The Fuss and I went out to Harrison Hot Springs about three weeks back. It was an impromptu sort of event, which usually just ends up being fun. Which her and I had. I was using my 1.8 prime lens, iso 500 and shutter was I think 1/60

WE had a food photography night at our camera club. It was good learning for me, and I hope to be able to do more,... or at least practice. I can not find my flash drive, and did not submit these images to the camera club, for photo night - but now upon review .. they were worthy or other viewers. The last I know was "Min, can I borrow your flash drive ...?" Ya .. wish I knew what was on it now.

The Jimmyson and his band played the other night at the Port Moody Inlet Theatre. They were smokin incredible! These guys are the Canadian version of One Direction, and yet nobody knows of them. They have a CD which they recorded almost three years ago, but now these guys just sound even better than their CD. I am not freaking kidding you. They need some money in their back pockets to record another album, as they have a list of tunes that need to be layed down. These boys are brilliant. I'm not sure what it takes in a world of mass social media and marketing to get yourself noticed. Do you tweet or do you knock? Not sure.

The only for sure talent agent in this city that I know of is Bruce Allen. I almost think he's done finding people ... so who is the guy waiting in the wings ... ? At this stage of the game, there is NO ONE that could tell me now that these guys are not good enough, perhaps it might be Canada that isn't good enough for them ..
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