Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hokus Pokus

Fiddle de dee ...
What is this Light Therapy
And will it be good for me?

People, I will tell you something. Some things in life are meant to happen. I'm not sure whether or not this is one of them... but I am going to go with this is one of the things in life ... that was meant to happen.

I was introduced to Light Therapy last Saturday, and while I didn't try it .. it just looks like something that I should be trying. There was a researcher up from the states ... and he was busily telling about the effects of light therapy. Interesting. I am going to try it ... what else have I got to lose ... other than a foot/leg.

In other things way less drama filled ....

The boy is busily moving towards graduation. Uhm Yae.

The girl .. is busily moving towards her personal great self. Uhm Yae.

Currently I am trying to determine whether or not the boy is going to school this morning or not. It has been an on going isssue for ... I don't know ... before time.... I'm guessing. What a beastly effort of uselessness. I can't stand the constant nattering at this guy to go. FOR GAWD SAKES .. just go ... I scream in my brain .. but I will not scream that at him ... interesting how he just doesn't get it. I am lucky though .. he does get going to work, he does get going to band practice, he does get being at certain events and locations on time, and now he does understand the result of people working to a schedule. This school bullshit is just a matter of formality. All I wish for is the magic ticket of the GRADUATION paper. That will lead to bigger and better ..

The girl says to me yesterday ... I think I will go into medicine. I told her medicine has many facets .. try being an ultrasound tech, or a Nuclear Medicine tech ... respiratory therapist .. uhm ... a bit yucky ...and she doesn't know that you are forced into running .. on occasion .. however I have known a few that saunter .... or better yet .. sit and wait "for an inpending code" ..

Apart from watching these two age .. I have watched myself age. This past year .. I have aged a lot ... I think. Or not ... I look less Snow Whitish !! With my way lighter hair ... and highlights that snow white never had ! HA ! The hair do is just way more manageable ... not sure how that is, but it is .. !!

In things that make me laugh .. I really wish to vacuum out my car ... and for some reason I live in a force field of aversion ... I frequent a gas station ... where it has the ability to vacuum ... except the days that I wish to vacuum ... I am looniless ... and this machine only takes loonies. My iluck. There is a slightly closer option to vacuum the vehicle .. but of course .. it takes cash .. which I never seem to have with me when the urge to vacuum strikes at me. Of course there is the option of the home vacumming system... but that involves opening the garage door .. which I can't seem to open on many given days or instances .. and then hauling out extension cords and the vacuum cleaner ... it is just a big huge effort ... which on most minutes ticking by on that world clock ... is too big in my world. So I will drive around in a dusty like car ... well .. not entirely dusty ... as I do wash the dash ... and the windows with my favourite NORWEX clothes !!! People, rush out .. and get yourself some ... talk about time saving .. !!! and money saving .. I love to wash my windows ... it's a simple ... wash and dry technique ... and there isn't any cleaning solutions involved .. and guess what ... the windows are clean !! NO LIES INVOLVED. here ....

In other things that involve no lying:

I wish I had a housekeeper. For real. That way the cupboards would all be clean on the same day, so would the floor, perhaps even the bathrooms ... on the SAME day ... in the meantime ... I march around and clean something daily ... not entirely an odd routine ... however I am not so good at doing one whole day of cleaning ... that doesn't work in my books ... not sure why !!

Well ... time to travel through out the worlds ... enjoy your business .... whether real or magical ... or simply HOKUS POKUS.

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