Monday, January 07, 2013

we get what we wish for

The boy only wanted COLD HARD CASH for his birthday. That was it. Simple, cut to the chase cash. And nothing more. That was until ... he virtually got nothing. No gift, no wrap, only a card with some scratch and wins, which produced a reaction that this mother couldn't believe.

Profound sadness. The boy was sad and dejected, and completely disgruntled with his decision of only cash, all the time.

In the last number of months there has been this saying floating out of his mouth .. with quite a humourous effect, when things didn't go his way, which in his mind .. is/was quite often .. he would spout "Worst birthday ever !!" .. and of which, it was never his birthday .. but we would laugh ... (in this case .. for those that know him ... can verify that the boy is funny .. most of the time .. ) .. at any rate .. he would use this saying amongst his friends .. which would stir a raw emotion of OH MA GAWD its your birthday, how'd I miss that on FB?? ... !

Which the boy would then claim it wasn't it birthday .. but if (whatever event) had happened .. wouldn't it make the worst birthday ever ??! Jimmy logic I say.

Well .. THE 5TH was his birthday .. and much to his surprise, not a gift to be had, despite his strong requests for CASH CASH and ONLY CASH.

Yes people, the WORST BIRTHDAY EVER.

Until yesterday ... when a beautiful image for his wall and an iphone 5 made it's way into his life.

Interesting how things manage to fix themselves .. because on his actual birthday ... I did feel quite bad for going along with his musings of no gifts .. however ... a day later ... my brilliance shone thru ... giving him what he has talked about for months ..


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LarryLilly said...

Your back. Welcome to the New Year. Hearing the story of the B-day boy, it reminds me of that Who song, Baba Oreily

Teenage wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland.
Teenage wasteland
Oh, yeah
Its only teenage wasteland
They're all wasted!

Have a great year and they always want that special touch, so ignore him when he says he wanst all cash. What he means is that he still wants your motherly touch in private, but cash isnt a bad substitute for SOME of it. After all, he then gets to live that teenage wasteland on his own terms. Even if the consequences are not what he wanted.