Wednesday, January 02, 2013

And so the number 13 is upon us.

WELCOME back to the world of typing slash writing slash dithering along slash moving on.

A new year means a new number, a new set of circumstances, a new way of being. It has to be a new something. AT least that's my way of thinking. ... Including that I always believe January FIRST to be the FIRST day of spring in my books, despite the winter soltice just beginning December 21st. One can work at being very optimistic .. No? In reality the middle of our nation is in the thick of winter, where our winter is their spring. Hence my reasoning. Similar to my years back in college .. I was in my second year, albeit at the beginning ... and I believed that I only had two years left .. despite not even completing the second year .. at that moment in time. It's complete trickery!

In other thing that is full of twists and trickery ....

I thought I would be done this antibiotic regime .. LONG before now ... except here we are January 2 ... and I ONLY have another 9 days to go .. I can do another nine days .. I have done this since November 5th ... twice a day to the hospital until December 13th, then back and forth to the homehealth clinic, of course not to be outdone by the drs appts .. and now I have been living with my black bag strung around me 24 hours a day ... and it was only yesterday that I forgot to grab it when I went to go do something .. only because I didn't have it strapped on me .. which essentially I keep it strapped on me .. for the forgetful factor.

This isn't complaining .. this is story telling ... real live dumb dumb story telling. I wont mention the other idiotic things that have happened to me ... like adventures in coin eating .. or other stuff that explodes when you are not looking. Those would simply just be boring topics .. by now.

In things that are looking exciting:

I booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera .. not just me .. well.. just me essentially ... except it's for a wedding .. of a long time friend .. I am absolutely thrilled to go .. can't believe that I managed to do it, but I did ... my other friend made it even easier and less expensive for me when she decided to go along with me ... then my single (more expensive) occupancy become cheaper ... because now we are a twosome ... probably would have been nicer if the double occupancy would have been the husband .. but come on .. we can't have everything ! I didn't get the whole money thing .. nor did she .. when I said just to keep the money that she saved me .. for herself .. because I still wasn't paying a lot to go .. but she didn't want any part of that .. so my part became even cheaper .. and maybe ... somethings are a good thing ... I had to let it go.

I don't have a clue what to bring .. what to shop for .. what to wear ... I think I might even be as brave to go to a second hand store and see if I can find some long flowy skirts to wear ... I can't wear flip flops, and I can't wear sandles, and I can't go barefoot, and I can't expose my foot to sand, pools, or any other foreign object that could find it's way in .. so it seems I will be wearing my favourite runners .. and you what .. if that is what it is .. then I have to let that one go to .. perhaps I will purchase new socks to go with the runners that I will be wearing by the poolside ...

I better get on thinking about that sort of crap .. I just looked at my calendar from December and wondered where the time went .. because holy crap .. it disappeared beyond the speed of light .. BUT .. I have a passport, my cameras .. and a plane ticket .. everything else is just extra ... I might bring my credit card ! OH .. and I totally am stoked to bring my KOBO.GLO .. oh yes I am ... while feeling completely less than optimal .. all I did yesterday was stay warm, and read. ... I didn't opt for doing much more than that ... I am on a mission to heal this foot ... intensly .. and if I don't have to be out running around doing all the crap that one has to do in a day .. then I wont be... sort of .. I do need to take some popcans back today .. as there seems to be a rather large bag taking up the sink space in my laundry room.

That brings me back to our little house .. it is very beautiful and cute .. with an amazing amount of storage .. given the big 1365 square feet of it .. however ... things like a bag full of refundable containers really have no where to go in our homestead. I have no area outside where it is sheltered from the weather, except for the garage .. and that is a whole frigging lot of work to try and get into .. given the fact that I can not seem to open the garage door without an exra 39 minutes on my hand to fiddle with the lock. Seems odd .. but it's the truth .. the husbandmand just says to me .. what's the problem .. and I say to him .. try living the way I live for 5 seconds .. and you will know why I can't unlock the FU%KING GARAGE DOOR. Some people live like cats ... always land on their feet despite unfortunate events that make them fall .. I am not a cat ... and if something completely fuc%king stupid comes my way, or stop me from doing something .. or happen to me .. it's because I am so not cat like. The husbandman is a cat. In fact we were just speaking of cats last night ... and still agree that we absolutely do not ever never ever want a cat. I could only imagine how much WOULD NOT GET DONE if my husbandman was not a cat ... sounds odd, probably is .. but it is the way it is ...

In other things ... we do have our little dog .. who isn't little .. but is bossy .. because we got him that way .. currently he is (had to check here) sleeping in his beddy. I thought he was on the couch .. because if he is to go silent .. he more than likely is on that couch. He's a good guy .. and my fears that he wouldn't have longish hair have been all but cured .. I am now so not happy with the insane amount of sock fur that I have accumulate ... ick ick ick ick !

Onto other things ... am leaving the decorations up .. since the boxes are in the shed out back .. and we will have to work around a current cone headed dog that loves to be a part of everything that's going on ... so everything stays put until the boxes can be safely retrieved and filled without any fuss from the furryone. It's like asking your guests to whisper when your baby is asleep. ( I never did that ... !!! NEVER!) ... Anyways .. tip toeing around a dog is a way steeper version of idiocy ..

I have managed to set up my KOBO>GLO and install books from the library.... it took a bit of work, and the realization that the miss fusspots cute little computer didn't like the download situation .. and I had to move onto the husbandmans computer to get my tiny book thing sparked into action ... and so I have .. now I just need to figure out how to get books off of it ... and how library books get them selves removed .. not sure how that happens either ...  somehow I think they just disappear. Actually ... given that thought .. I will go GOOGLE now .. yup .. it's just magic apparently .. even the KOBO blog people writer says it disappears ... yae ... just like my memory ... I really do believe in this magic shit !

AND ... as far as me writing this .. well .. good on me for doing so .. life in the fast lane has kept me from changing lanes at all ... I'm kinda hoping that the slow lane has an entry point ... or even an exit to a REST STATION .. in the near future ... I'm hoping that January 11 will not take that long to get to ... I'm pretty certain it wont .. it seems like just yesterday the year 2000 was here .. and we've managed to make it to number 13 now ... how did that happen?

And moving forward into the great number 13 .... should be exciting ...

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