Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oh me oh my

So, yes about that disappearing act.

I am still me.
Husbandman spoke to me the other day, AGAIN!
The handsome one Gramericason has been renamed: Jimmy Dean.
That is my answer to that.
The Fussilina is still Fussilina Pipenza girl.
BECAUSE she is just so beautiful.
That's why.

So far the handsome one has taken to the name Jimmy Dean. It's just such a great name, one that Mr. Jimmy Dean owns very well.

I had an email conversation with his math teacher. I very politely asked/suggested that she does not call attention to Mr. Jimmy Dean, as that is an open invitation to walk right up onto center stage with a red carpet and all. She complained to me that with his antics he tends to turn the class upside down, or something like that. I suggested that she just not speak with him, or give him any notice.... that way his opening statement to her couldn't be (in his deep showman voice)... "but Ms. Cho, I was discussing mathematics here with my friend...." Mr. Jimmy Dean has relinquished some of his behaviours to me. I pity the poor woman for putting up with him.

In things that are not a shock:

His report card from the "rockschool" teacher... "an excellent musician, and an enjoyable student to have in class"

I bet the math teacher just might SPIT at the music teacher if she found out!

The PIPPY had a LINE stolen out from under her in the play "annie". She was heart broken and in tears... (OK... for a girl... this girl doesn't spill many tears....)... AND AND AND... when she got into the car the other day, with a heave and a sigh she told me the sad tale. SHE EVEN went as far as used her hands to talk as well... now as far as I know ... it's only me and Jimmy Dean that use our hands a lot when we talk. BUT THE FUSS... not so much. BUT because the little chickster is just so KIND... she said that she didn't wish to upset the applecart, and she was certain that "they" had taken away her "5 seconds of fame" where she was the only one singing on stage at that moment, for a reason. I gave the PIPPY DOLL an extra hug, squeeze, bite and a punch for that amount of level headedness.

I still need to put together a dress.
I still need to hand out all the Cancer Donation kits.
I still need to write a bunch of letters.
I still need to book some transportation.... and such....
Colouring my hair is now in question.
The lawn is growing, and in need of repair.
I'm out of coffee.


Chaos is my Life said...

I have orange hair...I kidd you's going to be repaired tomorrow!

security word of the moment..."seshe" that like "sheshe", when you're 2 and need to go "pee pee"?

Deanna said...

But it's green month... perhaps you should have waited till October to get your hair coloured... at least it would have you know... made a real statement!

liked the "she she".

mine is procksta... reminds me of the beatles song... I'm a procksta, ya ya I'm a procksta... OK I'm not really a procksta, but you know.. that is what comes to mind!