Tuesday, February 09, 2016

As the cords gets tangled.

Earlier today I decided that I wished to fish my garden lady out from behind the washer and dryer. She had been sitting on the window ledge, and when the cleaning lady was dusting, she dusted her straight to the ground. So one of my tin garden girls has sat behind the machines, until today.

Today it was operation rescue.

I figured it would be best to do this with a vacuum cleaner .... It made sense.

I asked the girl if she could kindly just grab me the vacuum cleaner, and drag it through the kitchen. I didn't ask her help in retrieving my garden girl. She decided that the vacuum would not work in retrieving the girl, and just sat in the kitchen at her computer, and carried on staring at her screen.

As I was struggling with cords that were tangled, and brooms that had fallen I asked her how in good conscience could she actually "just sit there" and watch me struggle, and not offer to do as I had simply asked, just get the vacuum out, but NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT.

These are the moments when living on this one leg, and having a human in the home that refuses to do anything that I ask, really does make me fucking mental. I mean fucking mental to the point of I just wish she would politely find a new home to live in, where she can happily just sit around her home, and let it fill up with trash, and mess, and perhaps then she might realize ... HOLY FREAKING shit she is a slob when she wishes to be.....so.fucking.frustrating.

I did ask if she wished to hop around with my walker for a while to do some things, and see if she enjoyed it ... Or if she could even manage for 20 minutes washing her hair, organizing "stuff" that just needs to be picked up, or put away ... She declined.  Odd. Won't use the walker to see how it feels to manage to do things, and yet, can't give a shit to help do a task that I actually didn't want her to do .. Just needed help getting the vacuum out. NOPE.

Well, Karma will bite her in the ass, it really will. Where she is kind to so many people, on all levels, she fails miserably for the ONE person that actually is willing to give her the moon. Oh well, there will certainly come a time in her life when she will require help, and I will simply say. No, you can do it yourself.

Nasty of me ... Very .... But I think this will be a case of what comes around goes around.

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