Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little story coming from the woods

Well it's not really from the woods ... I'll just say it is ... cause I'm good like that.

The girl is into DAY 3 of her summer camp volunteering.


It is just the best thing in the world that we have ever decided to do.

She loves it.

It is purposeful honest helping work, and the littler girls just love her. They don't like their leader. Cause he is old. ALL 18 years of him. THATS how old their leader is. AND he is a BOY. Which makes him even more DISLIKEABLE. The Fuss is in charge of smoothing over the girls, and calming the waves of hysteria that are generated with each camp task. She is also a good workhorse ... gathering the requested firewood by BEN the much elder BOY LEADER.

She is hilarious. Listening to her stories ... and best yet .. she gets weekends off. FREE TIME is now a cherished event in this homestead.

In other things:

Jimmy is a lot of work. But when isn't he? Oh .. I know ... when he is sleeping .. but then .. who knows when those hours occur either.

Am currently waiting on ... wait for it ... waiting and waiting ... for a NEW JOB! Yes people .. I have gone out and done it again .. I found a little job that kinda interests me, in only a way that a little job can! I think yet again .. that this is a smart move job ... so I am very much hoping that I will be contacted.

Well .. must move forward with the day. Their are angrybird levels that I must conquer. OK .. not really .. cause I have conquered them all .. just waiting for updates ... actually there are book pages that I must turn. I think I am going to spend every extra waking hour sitting in my yicky sometimes dusty livingroom... reading my books. Cause now I have a basket loaded with them. I will treat them like angrybird levels ... I will not achieve three star status until the last page is turned!

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